Difference between fbo.bind() and fbo.getTextuture().bind()?

I would like to learn the difference between fbo.bind() and fbo.getTextuture().bind().

When binding the FBO as a texture to a shape, I think it only works when I call fbo.getTextuture().bind().

When would one use fbo.bind() instead of fbo.getTextuture().bind()?

ADDED: It seems like fbo.bind() is only internally called by fbo.begin()?
Is this true?


an ofFbo has several elements, the real fbo which is a way to let the opengl output go to something other than the screen and then depending on how it’s configured, one or more textures or renderbuffers

ofFbo::bind binds the fbo so opengl draws to the textures or renderbuffers the fbo points to.

That’s why to texture map a geometry or use the texture from a shader you have to bind the texture itself with ofFbo.getTexture().bind()

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