Difference between AudioReceived/AudioRequested and AudioIn/AudioOut

Hi all,

I’ve just got started with developing an audiovisual synthesizer for iOS with openframeworks, but there’s one (very basic I imagine) snag that I’ve hit that I can’t seem to find the answer to. Namely - what is the difference between AudioReceived/AudioRequested methods and the AudioIn/AudioOut methods? The documentation only refers to the former, but many of the examples in the latest release seem to use the latter instead. I’ve been doing a bit of searching, and the closest I’ve found to an answer is that AudioIn/AudioOut are new methods performing the functions of AudioReceiver/AudioRequested, which will now be deprecated. Is that true? If so - how do these methods handle audio differently to the previous ones?

Any help is much appreciated!


Hi Bacchus,

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There is no difference between audioIn and audioReceived, it’s simply that the name has changed. Same for audioOut and audioRequested. This should probably be documented somewhere, apologies for the confusion!