Did jpg image loading library change after v0.8.4?

Strange issue and question for the dev team here… back in 2015 using v0.8.4 I created jpg_viewer to allow people on MacOS 10.10+ to see glitched images (which Apple had started to censor in Preview). It worked as a simple image viewing tool, since OpenFrameworks used a different jpeg lib than Apple’s SDK. Then this year, ran into the issue that people on MacOS 10.15 couldn’t open it, since it was 32-bit, so I downloaded the latest oF v0.11.0 – nearly copy + pasted my code from the previous version, compiled = presto, a 64 bit version!.. however it’s crashing when making some glitches to the jpg = there must be a new jpg viewing library used since a few versions ago? Any tips from the dev team what might have changed and if/how I could use the lib’s from v0.8.4? Where the libs then 64 bit compatible? I can perhaps attach a volatile glitchy image for testing… (on GitHub, I haven’t uploaded/branched the code to the new oF project… only uploaded a new Release, 1.2, of the compiled app). Any tips would be great!

bump – any ideas out there regarding this?