Did anyone try the zapcc compiler?

Hi, has anyone tried the zapcc compiler yet? It was open sourced some time ago…

zapcc is a caching C++ compiler based on clang, designed to perform faster compilations. zapcc uses in-memory compilation cache in client-server architecture, remembering all compilation information between runs. zapcc is the client while zapccs is the server. Each zapcc run will reuse an existing server or if none was available will start a new one.

Only 2 posts mention it in this forum and 0 posts in the Qt forums, which I find interesting since they suggest

Full builds are 2x-5x faster. Typically re-compilation of one modified source file is 10x-50x faster.

I tried to install it in ArchLinux without luck:

$ sudo pacman -S zapcc
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: zapcc and clang are in conflict. Remove clang? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing clang breaks dependency 'clang' required by clazy
:: removing clang breaks dependency 'clang' required by lldb
:: removing clang breaks dependency 'clang=9.0.1' required by qtcreator

Maybe if I remove the qtcreator package, download qtcreator from qt.io, then install zapcc? I was just curious if anyone tried it before I go that route.

Update: found some benchmarking.

Update 2: after looking at the package content I downloaded it to give it a try, encountered this issue. It seems like zapcc is outdated and not being maintained at the moment.