Did anyone read the device orientation in Windows?

Hi, I’m writing a program for a Surface Go 3.

It is working fine, except that ofDoesHWOrientation() returns false even if the device has accelerometers etc.

MS provides an example: Windows-universal-samples/Samples/SimpleOrientationSensor at main · microsoft/Windows-universal-samples · GitHub

Has anyone accessed such sensors under Windows with oF?

Even a command line tool to get the orientation would do, but I haven’t found such. It is tempting to fix the issue by replacing the OS XD

Update (useful reference):

Hi, I’m trying to read the tilt of a Windows Surface tablet and failing.

Is it theoretically possible to compile on MSYS2 code that depends on

#include <windows.h>
#include <sensors.h>
#include <sensorsapi.h>


I’m asking because MSYS2 seems (to me) like a Linux based environment running on Windows, so I don’t know if those header files are available.

My code fails to compile with 'CLSID_SensorCollection' was not declared in this scope here:

Interesting because it doesn’t complain about CLSID_SensorManager

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: I have never used a Windows API.