Dictionaries of external lib will be erased if updating with Project Generator

Anyone is using VS in Windows platform? I have a question on the external libraries and project Generator:

Since there are no CMake openframeworks on windows platform, I followed the recommended way of using project Generator to update addons.

Though adding external libraries in VS is not a problem, every time I update the project using projectGenerator, the manually added dictionaries of external libraries will be gone.

I need to re-add them one by one.

Is there a way to overcome this annoying effect?

the VS wizard should keep any library you added manually to the project

What is the VS wizard?

I only find a wizard in the qt folder…

it’s explained in the setup guide for vs https://openframeworks.cc/setup/vs/

Ah, never though of this.
It can control addons from VS itself, thus not loosing manually set dictionaries.

BTW, you’re the main developer of OF right?
May I ask if there’s any plan to move the OF into modern CMake system?
(I saw there was one on github, but it doesn’t have a Windows support. )

Many cross-platform cpp framework are distributing under CMake now and it is quite universal and easy to use…

we’ve looked into it several time and there’s several partial solutions, the main problem is that it’s not easy to parse addons the way we do it with other build systems or even with the PG so we might need to force addon developers to create cmake config files which is not very realistic

in any case android studio has deprecated their experimental build system (which we were using) and only supports cmake now and qtcreator is not going to support their’s either although there’s some efforts from the community in that case to try to keep supporting it so we might need to have somekind of cmake support after all at least on android

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve also seen several posts here and there about this issue.
It might help to first get a separate repo for CMake-OF and support every platform officially, while keeping the current one.

Little by little, addon authors will make new versions of addons (if they still maintain them). Or users will create new addons based on these with a CMakeList. (This is relative easy for a cmake user)

After keeping the parallel versions for a while, the community then can discard the old ones, maybe several years ago.

The current issue for Windows users (like me) is, there’s no CMake version OF available or easily configurable ( I tried, but not possible to make all dependence work) so that they can write new addons / port old addons.

A place to start with, at some point, will be very helpful.