Device string name?

Hey, Im working with the Arduino and Openframeworks. I’ve installed Firmata on the Arduino and tested it with the Firmata test program, and with a Processing example.
I’m useing the the firmataExample in OF, but I can’t get it to talk to the Arduino. My suspicion is that it’s the device string name I got wrong. But I can’t figure out what’s the real name. The standard in the program is “/dev/ttyUSB0”, I tried with COM8 (That’s the name in Arduino), and then I tried going to “device manager -> Arduino -> Details -> Physical Device Object name” where the name is \device\USBPDO-10.
But non of it works. What have I missed, or where do I find the correct Device String name?


You can always use ofSerial.getDeviceList() or ofSerial.listDevices() to get a list of all the devices and see where things might be going wrong. Usually the serial device name in the Arduino IDE is the one you want to use though, so it might that the default baud rate in ofArduino is different than what you’re expecting.

It’s hook you and partly working now. The device string name was just COM6, as in the Arduino IDE. And I checked that the baud rate are the same in both the firmata on the Arduino and in OF. But the OF example still states that the arduino isn’t ready. I can however push the mousebutton to make the pin 13 HIGH.
I find this a bit strange, cause it says that it’s not ready, but I can still communicate a bit with it. Any idea what could be wrong?