Developling on Linux vs OSX

I did some ofx personal projects on my '13 mbp several years ago but recently built a new desktop for linux and hackintosh that I’ve been using for work and artistic projects. I have been mostly using it with ubuntu 16 and I’d like to go back to ofx to explore some generative projects.

I would rather develop ofx projects using linux but I wonder how much more painful that is compared to developing on OSX. Any tips/experiences would be appreciated…

Also, what are people using for IDE/debugger on linux ? I used xcode on OSX and VS on Win before which were useful for debugging purposes.

Thank you so much!

A lot of openFrameworks coders and some of the main developers of it use linux so it is a very well sorted out for working on linux.
QtCreator is the currently supported IDE for Linux.
Check out the setup guide
you will need to run a few scripts in order to get all setup correctly in linux,
read at

It is not much different from what you need to do to get all running on either macos or Windows.


Just my 2 cents, I develop with OF on OSX, Linux and Windows and the experience (after you set up the environment but that’s simple) is pretty much the same. The only difference you may encounter could be in some external addon that uses some OS dependent feature or library, but many of them are multiplatform too (and it is usually well stated in the addon docs)

Thanks everyone! I have now installed it on my linux box and ran a demo project through qtcreator and was able to stop to debug. Qtcreator is definitely nicer than I expected.