Developing with desktop tools but targeting mobiles

Ok, odd question please bear with me. I have OFandroid up and running but find using eclipse problematic with my system(plain and simple its to slow, its a slug) id like to use OF for linux to do 90% of app development and do a dirty “port” every now and again to test on android. My question, are there any pitfalls for this im not seeing? My app by design only uses “touch-down” style input so that seems easy enough to emulate with mouse clicks on desktop builds. (AKA no swiping or gestures, any multi touch that happens just needs to be processed individually) i already have a firm grasp of supporting multiple resolutions with android (processing) heck with the desktop build i can easily test that code by just changing the window size lol. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks.

I wouldn’t say there are no pitfalls. There are. but they are benefits to it. I do something similar because I just can’t write as quickly in Code::blocks or eclipse or VS. not only because of how better x-code is but because you can compile in a few secs instead of several minutes. So I prefer to write more quickly and then do minor adjustments.
And there are other benefits to it as well!!

You can spot bugs that might have escaped you in one version simply because they use different compilers etc. like a not initialised bool or float and many other things.

99% of the stuff will be fine, it depends on what you are going to do. The most problematic part of OF is the system dialogs, like inputing text etc mainly because we don’t have custom made stuff for these things yet. And mainly because PCs use wide char unicode- ascci and other platforms use UTF8. So keep that in mind.

Some Tips:

1st of all use a google drive. (or another cloud service to keep your src folder) open a project in x-code and directly drag your addons and src files from the google drive android part of OF and compile them in Xcode

. do not copy paste them. Use the same files and just back them up every few seperate folders just in case something goes wrong.

This enables you to make a change on one device and automatically be able to compile it on your other instead of having to build a new project every time.

From my experience this is the best way to do it.

Just be sure you don’t have xcode and eclipse open at the same time. Close the one before opening the other.

always backup your src folder and you will be fine.

Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah I’m not even using codeblocks , just make and geany lol. It takes about 30 secs to compile for Linux what takes 5 minutes plus for android. I guess that’s true cross compiling for you. Processing spoils us because its just packing up a java file in a special way.

Practical question: I’ve been using drop box for what you described(more or less) Do you find Google drive better? I’m a big Google user but haven’t tried it yet because I was a drop box user first :stuck_out_tongue: Again big thanks for your insight.

I am not a big fan of google in general to be honest, :confused: not sure why, but I have to say drive is one of the best products outthere.

Though if you have dropbox installed already - just use dropbox -I mean if you have enough space and you can drag its folders directly to xcode. skip google drive.

I have the entire windows OF library in my google drive and I link addons and src files to my xcode project, the only drawback is when you have to modify things inside OF you have to do it in two separate files. :confused:

Good luck!

Hello exithead,

What do you mean when you tell Eclipse is too slow on Linux? Do you mean the compiling time of openFrameworks is too long or Eclipse is completely slow itself?

Both lol. Its unusablely slow.

I work on Ubuntu with Eclipse targeting Android. Eclipse’s own speed is ok. Only the compiling process is slow. I somehow solved this problem. But I don’t know what to do for your complete slowness problem of Eclipse.