developing for iphone on windows

hello all,
I’m currently tasked with finding out how to develop for iphone using OF, and one of the first hurdles is that i only have a pc with windows OS available.
Is it possible to use/install the iphone development tools on a PC ?
Is it possible to bypass the iphone tools alltogether, and simply code directly for iphone using OF and codeblocks ?

Any feedback is much appriciated :slight_smile:

I dont think so.
ofxiphone is basically a wrapper for iphone SDK, so it wont work with only windows. but it is possible that you install Mac OSX on windows (since Apple now is a PC) then programming under that, I do know people did this.

somebody else on the forum had at one point discussed using bindings to compile iphone apps for linux, but im not sure where it ended up going and can’t find the thread. I know it is possible, though it sounds pretty complicated, and apple’s debugging system is great. If you’re serious about iphone development, you might just want to buy a mac mini and use that :confused:

thanks for the replies guys. After doing some more research it seems my safest, and most hassle-free solution is simply buying a mac mini.