Developer wanted to write a video playback application and more

Hello, I hope some nice people here can help or even point me in the right direction, I’m Looking for a developer to write a specific application for me.

I’m wanting an application which will do video playback across multiple machines, generally mac minis which will allow curved screen warping of the video file and soft edge blending.
This would be for Gallery, museum installations where we use many projected images to form one big image, and generally we are projecting onto curved surfaces, thus the requirement to be able to warp the image to fit surface and also soft edge each projected image to blend into each other.
When using multiple machines with multiple projectors it is necessary to be-able to control all the parameters of playback and image warping from a master machine, or ipad/android tablet etc, even a web interface could be an option.

I’m currently beginning the process of writing up a requirements list and the initial way the system would work.
There is a small budget set for these initial stages of development, anyone interested please be intouch.


Many thanks