Developer Position at MIT Media Lab

I’m hoping we can find someone for from the OF community to help us because our codebase is built on top of OF. Please PM me or contact me at the email below. Thanks!

Job Opportunity: UI Developer @ MIT Media Lab

The Fluid Interfaces Group has been working on an open source telepresence platform to support shared experiences in an interactive environment. We have additional funding to hire a UI designer with some coding experience to assist with our gestural UI and network protocol.

Applicants are not required to have extensive experience - rather we are looking for self motivated and passionately creative individuals who are inspired by the goals of the project and enjoy collaborative programming.

Please contact if you are interested in the position with your resume, links to projects, and availability.


-2-3 month commitment, all or part of the time at the Media Lab
-Implementing C++ functionality in OpenFrameworks on OSX
-UI development for gesture based menu in a Kinect like environment
-Testing and debugging with other developers


-Developers will be a part of the media lab community and Fluid Interfaces group
-Included as authors in publications, software, and video documentation
-Experience in HCI research and development
-Relaxed work environment
-Competitive compensation based on experience and availability.

Hey everyone,

We had a lot of interest in this position - and the best responses were from the forum. We have currently filled the UI Developer position - but if you are interested in the project I’d love to hear from you.