Developer Introduction | Looking for Mentor! :D

Hello everyone!

My name is James, and I’m a freelance embedded systems engineer. I also know virtual reality and mobile ( Android / React Native / iOS ) development, but I want to really dig deep into the hardware stack. ( Rasp. Pi / ARM / Linux )

I’d really like to get involved and contribute to oF, but was wondering if there are any interested gurus / mentors out there willing to answer any of my questions about the code base and help me navigate through the waters of development.

If there are, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I’ve already requested to join the mailing list, but haven’t heard back yet. ( Fingers crossed!! :smiley: )

Here are my goals.

  • Complete code coverage / unit testing using Catch2
  • Update documentation with descriptions of the system architecture
  • Integrate MoltenVK / Vulkan into oF
  • Condense the number of issues by 50% ( 770 ~ to 345 ~ )

A little about myself, I’ve spent three years at this makerspace called FirstBuild where I’d be responsible for building any software or electronics for popular ideas. I would iterate through multiple prototypes and scale it up to production. One example of something I worked on is the Prisma, which would make cold brew coffee in around 7-12 minutes instead of 12+ hrs.

I’ve left the space as of June 2018 to pursue my personal passions, like collaborating with artists. One experience was with this artist Andrew Cozzens to make this falling shelf installation. Lots learned and super fun.

I’m super excited to join this community, and even more excited to contribute to the code base.

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