Developer Documentation Question / Clarification and Fixing

Hi everyone!!

James here again. I may not always be committing or posting PRs every week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on oF!!

Quick Update
As I’m beginning to really deep dive into the code base, I’ve realized that for now, I’ll have to table the Catch2 test framework. With that said, I’d still like to incorporate it when integrating Vulkan because its going to be complex as heck and would really be helpful to have a modern test framework to assist with quality assurance, control, and debugging.

The Main Topic
Any who, I’ve built oF from the oF repo master branch on Mac 10.13.6 ( High Sierra ) using XCode 10.1 and terminal, and I’ve discovered an opportunity to contribute, at least documentation wise.

However, I have some questions …

  1. Does low level, developer specific documentation belong in ofSite or within the main openFramework repository?

The Contributions readme within the oF repo says that documentation contributions should be directed to ofSite, but looking around the oF repo there are various .md files here and there describing developer build instructions and what not.

Can someone provide some clarification on this? Is there a dedicated space for low-level developer documentation? Should I submit documentation PRs to the oF or oFSite repo?

  1. I worked through the command line installation of oF and discovered that compiling the project using either or manually in XCode results with a build failure, as described here.

Is anyone working on this? I’d like to try my hand at resolving this build failure / missing directory issue for the MacOS platform. :grinning:


I think in general most of the key things to getting setup for working in Github should be documented in here:

The ofSite documentation is typically more for people who are working with packaged OF releases.

I think since the removing of binaries from the main repo additions of apothecary and the project generator, it is definitely quite a bit more work to get up and running working with OF master.

Any additions to the documentation, corrections or clarifications at would definitely be welcome via PR.

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Fantastic. Thanks for the response @theo!!

I’ll be reviewing the PR guidelines, commit and coding styles for maximum ease of PR review.

That said, those PRs won’t be inbound until sometime next week. Gotta wrap up these VR projects, quick!! :smiley: