devcpp setup page - broken link

hi, I’m (new here &) trying the devcpp install via instructions on the site. the link to the link to the directx sdk seems to be broken - I read the forum site and it sounds like they’ve closed the forum? you might want to check this… but…

on this page :

this section has the broken link - the first ‘here’ :
2) download devpaks
download the devpacks: directx and zlib. These can be found on The direct downloads for the two devpacks are: here and here.

– the first ‘here’ currently points to :

but I think it needs to change to :…-90c.DevPak…-v-Cpp.aspx is the page with details & links to the download file

(hopefully I downloaded the right one - it seems to have installed ok)

hi !

thanks for the links and research ! :slight_smile:

actually, we no longer support dev-c++, since it’s chokes on long path names and that breaks addons. there are instructions about installing code::Blocks, which is a better alternative to dev-c++.

I’ve updated the setup page to reflect that better…

take care,

cool thanks! yeah I found the info about code blocks afterwards, so I installed that too.
(that’s about as far as I’ve got so far - tried some of the examples in both & they worked ok)

if it helps. maybe this page could be updated in case others do the same. I just tried the devcpp because it was mentioned here. (then later I saw the txt file & note about codeblocks)

about compilers
you can find information about setting up compilers here. If you are beginning, on windows we suggest dev-c++, because it is easier to setup and to get a handle on. There are also compiler specific threads in the forum.