dev cpp important tips!

some tips I’ve learned from making 0.05 in devcpp, could be really helpful for those that are having issues with devcpp being fickle and weird.

a) tools->compiler do not choose “fast but imperfect dependency generation”

it’s a bit slow, but it’s definitely necessary

this might make it faster -
I didn’t try it yet, but would like to. this is one of the more annoying parts of devcpp.

otherwise, with this on, when you alter h files, cpp files don’t get recompiled, and it’s really unhappy. everyone whose had issues with devcpp, this is good place to start. it’s caused me alot of headaches, especially with .h file heavy things, like ofVectorMath. weird crashes, etc. there is no situation with OF when this should be on, unless you love to recompile all. :slight_smile:

b) tools->editor **disable **smart tabs

they seems to be trouble for me - when I write { } the second } is tabbed really far away from what I’d like.

c) tools->editor tab size = 4

we use tab size = 4, if you use others, it might be hard to get your code to look good w/ OF code

d) tools->editor->class browsing

I’ve disabled code completion and class browsing. they make opening and closing projects ultra slow.

with these changes, devcpp works alot better and less hitting your head against the wall cursing free software –

I hope they are helpful !!

take care,

thxs for the cool tips,lot better. btw,when the 0.05 will released?

very soon – we are using 0.05 for a workshop this weekend.

unofficially release candidates for devcpp and xcode here:


uggh, unchecking fast but imperfect dependency can lead to this issue :

I think it’s related to path length… testing it a bit now. - z

I can’t find a release for the dev-c++. Will it be discontinued?


yes - there is a bug where path names that are too long get messed up, and there is no way to fix it I can see.

if you have in the compiler “use fast but imprefect dependency generation” you don’t see it, but then you often have to recompile. If that’s unchecked, you will get the error when a file name (+relative path) is fairly long. unfortunately, with the addons length, it’s just impossible to get the structure we want to work in devcpp. when researching this issue we discovered codeblocks, which just had a big release, and we noticed that (a) devcpp projects can be easily loaded into it (b) it has many less bugs then devcpp © the community is really active (d) it’s pretty simple and easy to use. therefore, we are encouraging folks to move from devcpp to codeblocks (see the forum posting with instructions about how to do that)

take care!

more info on that error here: