Dev C++ Warnings

Hey all,

When i build some of the exampl apps Dev C++ gives me the following warnings:

.drectve -defaultlib:LIBCMT ' unrecognized .drectve-defaultlib:OLDNAMES ’ unrecognized

What am I missing?



hi jonkirk.

you’re not missing anything.

These are a couple of warnings that the quicktime library throw in the pc (not only in openframeworks). I’m sure there is an explanation somewhere in this forum, but as they don’t affect the execution of your app (it should compile ok), you can happily live with them.


Hi Jesus,

Yeah it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems, more of a cosmetic annoyance than anything else. I’ll leve them be for now,

Cheers for the reply,



I too am getting these warning messages, but in my case the compilation is failing:

Warning: .drectve -defaultlib:OLDNAMES ' unrecognized Warning: .drectve/DEFAULTLIB:“LIBC” /DEFAULTLIB:“OLDNAMES” ’ unrecognized

Execution terminated

I am using Dev-Cpp

Can anybody help?


are you sure the compiling stops? if you delete the exe in the bin folder and compile again, does it fail?

those warnings are nothing really, and should be ignored. if you still have trouble, can you upload the whol build log as a text file?

take care,

ps: you might be better served with codeblocks, an alternative to devcpp:…-etup-guide

Hi Zach.

Thanks for the quick reply. You are right. I deleted the exe and compilation worked.