Detecting the height of people with a Kinect or other camera

Howdy Y’all,

I would like to try to use a Kinect or other camera at a fixed position to detect the height of people. Just one person at a time would be fine.

My goal is to make a little toy for kids, so they can step in front of a Kinect, then have their size estimated. After their size is know, the kids to be able to compare their size to other things. For example, they could see how many of them it would take to make a whale, or a sun.

Bonus points if there is an easy way to do something like chroma keying to isolate the kid from the background, so their image could be tiled to create the gigantic whatever.

I am not sure where to start, I not done much with OF. I would like to make this a open source science museum exhibit, I am not sure if there are any others like that.

Thanks for any help!
Joshua Gourneau

using the Kinect it should be pretty much straight forward:

  • you place the kid in front of the camera,
  • you use depth pixels to know how far he is,
  • you measure the height of the kid’s blob,
  • you calibrate some pixels to cm conversion and you’re done.

also the chroma keying is going to be easy: you’ll just need to calibrate the ir and rgb camera and use the ir blob to cut the rgb image.