Depth and RGB camera calibration


The problem I am working on is similar to Kinect Depth and Color camera calibration, which is widely researched area. However I am working on a different 3D depth sensor (D’imager) and I have a high resolution color camera. I am trying to calibrate them using the chessboard calibration rig. My problem is my depth camera doesn’t give me raw IR image
(used for kinect depth camera calibration) and my depth camera doesnt give nice chess corners on depth pattern.
So I need a chessboard pattern from my depth camera. Is there any known way to solve this problem, Can I run any algorithm to get the same.

I am inserting an image taken from my depth cam.

I kind of remember of a youtube video showing a chessboard printed with some kind of toner that did not reflect infrared, but I can’t find the link anymore…
2 (less exotic) alternatives can be:

  • cutting out the black squares from the chessboard used for the depth sensor; you should be careful positioning the rgb and depth chessboard in the same place, but it should work

  • avoiding the chessboard and using known points visible on the depth sensors; i.e. you could place a few boxes in front of the camera and manually selecting their corners on the rgb and depth images.

Hi naus3a,

Thanks for the quick reply, I am kind of using the third method you gave. With the second way the corners are just not sharp enough to be detected at pixel accuracy.

Didnt knew anything like toner that did not reflect infrared exists, sounds like can buy it from ACME :P.