deployExamples compiles, but does not produce executable with XCode 4.1

I am working on a 2010 i7 MacBook with MacOS 10.7.2. and XCode 4.1.

Having cloned openFrameworks from github today, I am trying to create all xproject files with the method indicated in the README.txt file:

“build and run the _DeployExamples located at: apps/devApps/_DeployExamples/deployExamples.xcodeproj”

I changed all base SDK and target definitions to compile in 10.6, as indicated by previous posts.
I pushed the Run button. I got “Build succeeded”. But no application file is generated, and none is run.
So no xproject files are generated.
What am I doing wrong?

Iannis Zannos

OK, problem solved, but I suggest adding some more info to readme.txt to spare others the time it takes to figure out (1) having to change the SDK and targets from 10.7 (current) to 10.6, and (2) taking care to choose the proper project to compile (deployExamples instead of openFrameworks), which is always offered also in the project menu in the toolbar of the project window in XCode.

I posted this suggestion at the github issues section, but repeat it below, just in case it helps.

Iannis Zannos


It took me more than 4 hours to get openFrameworks to compile deployExamples on MacOS X 10.7.2 with XCode 4.1, because of having to figure out two things;

Need to change SDK for the deployExamples project definitions to 10.6
Need to choose deployExamples in the build menu on the toolbar of the project window.
Perhaps this info should be added to the readme.txt file of the present master branch in order to spare other people the hassle?

I suggest the following addition:
To deploy openFrameworks examples from the files cloned via the present github repository, you should build and run the project:

To successfully compile in Lion (MacOS X 10.7) in XCode you should select in the project file list of XCode both the target deployExamples from the top level of the file hierarchy and the project openFrameworksLib.xcodeproj from inside the openFrameworks folder, then find the project definition, and change the SDK to MacOS X 10.6. You should do the same for the targets of those two items.

Important: Before clicking the Build and Go, or the Run button, make sure that you choose the deployExamples project in the menu on the toolbar of the project window. (Otherwise if you leave openFrameworks as selected project and push Run or Build and Run, no application will be created or run).

Hopefully this helps.
Iannis Zannos