Deleting spam user accounts

i still think a ‘first post requires approval’ would completely kill spam.

i looked for a plugin here but didn’t see anything, which makes me think it might be a built in feature? but i’m not that kind of moderator i don’t think.

Looks like it’s super easy

And Kyle, you should definitely be a moderator, I think you’re on the forum more than anyone else :slight_smile:

joshua, the link you post is for 2.x and we are using 1.3. When we installed the forum 2.x was still beta and some plugins didn’t work for it. We should migrate to 2.x at some point but is not that easy.

kyle, you have moderation permissions (anyone with more than 300 posts have), for installing plugins you need to be an admin. I’ve looked through the admin options but there seems to be nothing like ‘first post requires approval’

btw, since users with 0 posts get deleted after 3 days, if you are a moderator you don’t need to even report the user, just delete spam messages if you see any and the user will get deleted automatically

ok, good to know that we don’t even need to delete users, just messages…

that said, does it make a difference whether we delete the post, or the topic?

i notice that if people delete the post, then the topic still shows up on the forum. but if you delete the topic (link at bottom of topic, “remove topic”) then the topic doesn’t show up anymore – which seems better to me.

haven’t tried because i usually just delete the user with all it’s topics and posts but yes i guess if the only message in that topic is spam better to delete the topic

as far as I recall, as a moderator, you can’t delete the user, just the messages (or topic). I could be wrong, though.

yes, what i was saying is that as i’m admin i usually delete users, but for moderators, the best is to delete the post or the topic since there’s a script that deletes 0 post users after 3 days

if a spammer creates a new topic, can you use “remove topic” rather than “delete selected”?

“delete selected” will still show the topic in the “unread posts” section, just with 0 posts. “remove topic” will completely remove any trace of that topic.

Lately I see lots of empty topics in the unread posts overview. Do they come from the automatic anti-spam? If yes, is it possible for the automatic mechanism to delete the whole one-post-topic instead of just the spam message?

I think I’ve also had some encounters with spam accounts but they are mostly emails like “User SpAmAcCoUnT has posted a comment on a thread you have asked to be notified” or something and when I go into the thread I find no such replies.
Is that because the account gets deleted right away?

no, there’s a spam filter that hides temporarily messages detected as spam but it’s not very well integrated and the messages still appear on the rss feed and the forum sends the mail before the filter categorize those messages as spam

Thanks yet again Arturo! :stuck_out_tongue: