Deform Video texture with 4 points draggeds

Hi all !
I want to render 4 videos at same time with 4x4 dragged points, each 4 points are to deform one video color texture. In LaserTag2 from theo, there are something similar with the brush painted, it let to drag point of texture and then deform brush image projection.

The main classes than let do it are imageProjection and guiQuad, isn’t it?
There aren’t problems to play 4 different videos at same time, isn’t it?



Four videos should be fine actually.
guiQuad and imageProjection are actually not the main thing that is doing the texture warping. ofTextureAdv.h and .cpp is what lets you warp the texture.

You can find it in the ofAddons folder of Laser Tag 2.0 - it is pretty much the same as ofTexture but you set the location of the corners with

void setPoint(int which, float x, float y);  
void setPoints(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2, float x3, float y3, float x4, float y4);  

Then you draw it to the screen.

Link to the Laser Tag 2.0 Src

Thanks. At now for one warped video, it works fine.