Default camera aperture / focal length?


I did not create an additional camera but If I make a sphere (in 3d) to far left corner, it gets squashed.

How would I fix this? to look like it is not squashed but more like orthographical.


can you post code and screenshots please?


Sphere on the right side got squashed.

Hi,you can use ofSetupScreenPerspective(float width, float height, float fov, float nearDist, float farDist)
to setup the fov. Anyways the squashing is normal because of the camera optics.

You can also use ofSetViewport(…) to set the viewport and then just render the sphere at the center. The viewport is the rectangle where you are going to draw. by default the viewport is the whole window but by setting it you can draw to smaller regions. Check the viewports example.

the default fov is 60 degrees which will do that on the edges on the screen, you can lower it by using:

ofSetupScreenPerspective(width, height, fov);

or if you want orthographic perspective:

ofSetupScreenOrtho(width, height);