Debugging in VSCode not working

Hi all,

I am currently trying to use VSCode with openFrameworks. What I have done so far is using the ProjectGenerator and importing an existing example project by choosing
platform - MacOSX and template - vscode.
Building and running the app works like a charm in both release and debug. However, when I add some breakpoints to the source files and hit f5 / start debugging, the application simply runs and no break point is hit. Does anyone have an idea what I might be missing?



gdb ./bin/program



Thanks a lot for the quick reply but I don’t fully get it … you mean launching gdb from terminal? But what about the specs in launch.json? There lldb is specified for MacOSX which is also my debugger. Shouldn’t it work with vscode, too, and break at the specified breakpoints?

Hi again, I just learned that lldb + vscode is not working out of the box on macOS Catalina, which is my current OS. Here is a workaround