Debugging Android Projects

Hi there.

I’ve been developing in OF for some time and the past days I’ve tried to get OF to run on Android. After a lot of issues I got it to work but I have one question left.

Is there an efficient way to debug an android project. I want to have a more efficient way because

  1. It takes forever to build and run a project on both AVD and an actual device.
  2. I have some issues (might be Huawei related, but would be strange since it also happens on AVD) that the phone won’t allow me to create directories while plugged into USB (which is obviously necessary for installing the project).

Any thoughts? Sorry If this question has been asked before but I couldn’t find an answer.

I develop in Eclipse on a Windows 7 machine. My phone is a Huawei G510-0100 Android 4.1.1

Just wanna throw my support behind this. Android debugging needs a guide.

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