Debugging a crash on Linux / NVidia Jetson

Hello all,
I’m debugging an app that crashes on my NVidia Nano with no errors reported in the console. The app compiles fine, but when I execute it, nothing happens, and the app crashes (i assume) and I see my command prompt again.

Can someone point me to where I can fine logs or other artifacts that can possibly reveal what’s happening and what is making the app crash, besides what’s in /var/log/syslog?

Check dmesg, or the journal (sudo journalctl, or something similar)
Maybe it causes a coredump? I think coredumps are usually disabled by default - enable them with ulimit -c unlimited
Use coredumpctl and gdb to get a stacktrace. Not a pleasant job, but not too hard…

Are you trying to compile it on a Jetson Nano?

I just got one, but it seems like maybe the compilation script needs a bit of a rewriting.
Not sure where to look for it…
How did you do it?

Found stuff here (Jetson TK1) and here.

Seems like the second one seem to be the one, as the Nano has a Armv8 and runs ubuntu 18.08.
Simple compilation give me the error : makefileCommon/ *** recipe commences before first target. Stop.

Sorry if I’m hijacking the thread :sweat_smile:.



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@jvcleave posted some instructions a while ago on how to compile for the nano. If i remember correctly the main thing is that the nano is arm64 so the libraries need to be recompiled using apothecary but there were also some minor changes required to the makefiles


instructions are here:

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perfect thanks, it worked.


These are really great instructions @jvcleave — I expanded on them here and added how to get ofxKinect and ofxKinectV2 running: