Debugger problems

Anyone have trouble getting an OF app to break execution at a breakpoint using GDB. Just tried it with a simple C++ app and it works fine, but w/o OF I get no break and inspection, though I could definitely be doing something wrong as my XCode skills are a little lame. I’m using XCode 2.4 on 10.4. thanks,


sometimes it stops the execution of the program but doesn’t show the gdb prompt and it seems to be stuck in loop.
but most of the times it works. i am using xcode 3 on 10.5. maybe that’s the difference?

I know what you mean - I have that problem too.
For me it is usually that the breakpoints are not activated - once they are activated they work for me. Sometimes I have to do this from the debugger (apple shift Y) while or before the program starts running.

You also have to have your build configuration set to debug and not release.

Let me know if you get it working in 2.4 - I can make a screencast of it working in 3.0, if you want.


that was it, the configuration wasn’t set to debug. thanks!