Debug.exe screen not showing ofLog messages

My debug screen is not showing any ofLog() messages. it doesn’t matter what file or app I run, it’s not showing anything. One of the codes I tested it with is this simple one:

Could this be a visual studio’s problem or an openFrameworks problem?


Hi, I am having the same issue, did this ever get resolved? vs2017 win 10 of0.11

Hmm apologies for not following up on this.
Thanks for posting the GH issue too ( )

Ping @prisonerjohn @NickHardeman to see if they can confirm.

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Tested with the empty example and did not see any ofLog messages. But did test with a cout and the cout worked as expected. Tested in 32,64 bit in Debug and Release.

But calling ofLogToConsole(); before the log calls seems to fix it

Thanks @NickHardeman!
Should be fairly easy to fix then.