Dealing with flickering when tracking a scene with a Camera/Kinect and projecting on it at the same time

Hi everyone,

First of all, this is more a computer vision question than a openFrameworks question. Sorry for that if it is not the right place.

I am tracking with a Kinect the elements attached to a wall (posters, post-its, a table, whatever). At the same time, I project digital content on it with a current projector (Dell 4220).

The program uses OpenCV and basically performs a simple contour detection after some filtering, but also color tracking to detect objects of a given color. I use this color information to generate different digital content depending on it.

The problem that I am experiencing is that the Kinect sees the typical flickering that happens when recording a screen with a camera. Green/Blue and Pink waves that move vertically, and which affect the detection.

I understand that this is caused by a difference between the framerate of the Kinect (30fps) and the frequency of the projector, but I couldn’t match them to avoid the problem. I don’t know if the fluctuation of the sketch frame rate can affect this?

Does someone have some recommendation or are there a kind of “best practices” to follow in these cases?

Thanks for your time and help!

Hi @jorditost, do you have any photos? I would extract part of the surface not projected onto if the surface isn’t completely covered by projection.

Hi @micuat, sorry for the very late reply. By chance we opened the app with another computer and it worked well. Poltergeist issue… Maybe it’s time I get a newer computer :wink: