Dealing with big textures


I have a big texture and a small view area that is a fbo so inside the fbo i draw the texture and play with the scale and i get something like a zoom in/out effect

But i see my app drops fps as soon as i load those big textures so i’m guessing if there is a faster way to do that.

What i do seems not very efficient as i’m drawing a big image to only show a small part.

Hope that makes sense


Hi @pandereto
Experienced similar beavihour here:
Short answer: you’d probably need to break the big image in smaller ones, and manage what you need to display


Hi @Bencilari

I did a fast test and seems possible to do it with a shader and a plane, if you are curious can upload the sample

Hey I’d love to see the code from the fast test if you have a chance to post it. I like the idea of using a shader for this!

Here it is… however im not sure if its much faster

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