Data visualisation algorithm


Maybe this quesiton is not directly related to OF, but since I’m using OF for my project I ask it here.
I have numbers from 1 to 1000000, which are called by user. Once the number is called, it’s represented on
the screen as a pixel. So right now I just use simple matrix, so that 1 is located in upper left corner and last
number is in bottom right. In other words it’s linear.

What I’m looking for is to represent the same data starting from the middle and growing outwards like a
snowball or spiral. So I’m looking for an algorithm which does this. I can’t come up with keywords for that,
so if you know where I should look for, I would really appreciate that!


Look around in the forums about Cardinal to Polar (CarToPol, Car2Pol) coordinates.
This is about the conversion of a value representing xy coordinates to polar coordinates (degrees).
Same way look for Pol to Car to convert in the other way around.

Reminded me of Fibonacci Sequence

Maybe you could adapt the size of the spiral to suit your needs!

yes… something like that, but I thought maybe something less obvious for an eye ?

this may be a more relevant version of the fibonacci sequence, as represented in nature. A good example would be the sunflower. I am unsure how it would scale for 10,000 points, but drawing it within an ofEasycam would allow you to zoom out, or change the rotation during the display process.

Maybe add some sin cos noise?

Yep! Thanks - let me check it out!