Dark Pixel at ofTrueTypeFont drawString

Hi, I have an issue which is driving me crazy.

For some fonts I draw in my App, there are dark pixels at certain letters, when I use drawString of ofxTrueTypeFontUC (but also tried ofTrueTypeFont).

For instance, I load FrutigerLTCom-Bold.ttf in different sizes, but this weird pixel shows up:

Has anyone experienced this before, or knows what could cause it? Could this be an issue caused by the font? It only seems to appear when anti-aliasing is active

what version of OF are you using? i remeber fixing something similar for 0.9 it has to do with how the textures are mapped but should be fixed in the last release

Ohh right on time! It seems you have fixed this since RC1, which I have used. Indeed it’s gone if I compile with the newest version. Thanks a lot