Danger / Dj visual set - interactive live

Hi all,

Just wanted to put my last openFrameworks project in the forum !

We had the opportunity to create this project during a two weeks residency at Gaité Lyrique ( Paris ), in collaboration with the artist and Raphaël Siboni.

This is about a visual interface, mixing videos and a representation in real time of what the DJ is actually doing.

Basically set up in HD ( 1920x1080 ), the communication between the app and ableton is made via OSC, using the ofxOscLibrary - and the network talk is helped by Osculator.
The global frame rate is at 60 fps.
The artist is controlling himself the application via a midi controller.

Also all the visual components (buttons, signal meters, etc… ) are a mix between simple animation by code, or image by image to keep it real without any latency.
All is dynamic ( via xml ), and It’s quite easy to define new components and assign them to an osc signal.

It was really challenging to do so, because everything had to go very fast, there’s a lot of media assets and the resolution is quite big.
The main solution I found was to optimize everything as much as possible and upload everything at first into the graphic card.

But as usual - openFrameworks worked perfectly!

Here is a video
( I’m terribly sorry for this video with crappy logos - that’s the better I found ! )


Thanks for watching!

really cool !

maybe more visualizations but for 2 weeks works is just great.

awesome work! i really like the idea of just showing a visualization of what the dj is doing. i’m super interested in using non-abstract visuals in place of what would usually be abstract visuals :slight_smile:

Really nice! All the controls look well designed as well.

Really thank you for your comments!

I really appreciate this !
It was a fun project, and now the artist is still touring with this.

There’s a better video here ( recorded by arte ) : http://www.164-prod.com/fr/portfolio/page/projets-choisis/danger-live-visuals

Or another mobile video with more controllers : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFWNGBNkWrw

And here is more info about Danger, listen to it is worth it! http://www.myspace.com/2emedanger