.dae files from Maya 2022 not showing if animated

Hi all,

I’m trying to play around with 3D in ofx, so to test out the model loading and animation examples I went to Maya (2022), made a sphere, exported as a .dae, then animated the sphere and exported as a new .dae.

My unanimated sphere does load in the 3d model example, but the animated .dae is nowhere to be seen when I try to play with the animation example. I’m thinking it could be related to a version compatibility issue, but I was wondering if anyone had encountered that problem before?

(I also tried the ofxFBX addon but get a runtime error with my animated basic sphere exported as a .fbx so no good either)

Thank you!

Did you bake the animations on export? I’ve noticed some years ago this needed to be made to play in ofxAssimpModelLoader


We use this ofxFBX for a lot of our projects and it seems to be really solid with most things we throw at it.

Could you try the latest of that and share the errors your are getting?


Hey Dimitre,

Yes, I tried both baked and not baked. I don’t even get an error, it’s just not showing somehow…

Thanks, I’ll check if that helps - I prefer fbx so it would be a big game changer


.dae files will show any animation on most softwares, but it seems like to get them to work with ofxAssimp there needs to be a rig, even basic! I put 3 joints on my sphere, same movement, and now it’s showing and playing.

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