"Cutting out" multiple layers of a plane

I swear this is something I managed to do in the past, but I can’t find the sketch that I did it in. What I’m looking to do is take a plane, and effectively “cut out” shapes, allowing for sections to be fully detached. Right now I have what I need in a vertex shader, but as expected, it is not cut out, rather points are just being interpolated.

Is there a way of allowing this? To have abrupt changes in depth, that aren’t interpolated?

I think maybe the best example I have is what ofZach has been doing lately on instagram:

Shader below:

not sure how to help you with this but for the video you see above those are separate shapes, not done in a shader.

I think if you wanted to push back vertices via a shader you could use separate triangles rather than a triangle mesh like triangle strip, etc. You’d need to use duplicate vertices since triangles that share the same vertex could be a different depths. recently there was a similar question about color (hot to avoid interpolation) that might be helpful: