Current nightly version and qtcreator

I’m having troubles getting OF working on an ubuntu laptop. I have tested the last version of qtcreator, the version 4.4.1, the version 4.1.0 and the version 4.5.0. The version 4.4.1 is working fine on another linux computer, with a master version of OF that is maybe 2 or 3 weeks old. Which version of qtCreator is expecting to work with the current nightly build?

The error message that I am receving is:
/home/dapx/Sources/my-current-master/apps/myApps/test/test.qbs:11: warning: Profile ‘qtc_Desktop_b8ae33ee’ does not exist.
for 4.5.0

“qt creator error unknown or empty profile”
for version 4.4.1

I have also tries the version 4.1.0, as suggested in the doc, but also this one is failing, with message “can’t find variable require” from helper.js

the current nightly build should is working with 4.5.0 that error message sounds like old config that is corrupt or something try deleting the build data and reopening the project

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4.6.0 also seems to work fine.

There should be no old config when opening one of the examples files, right?

no, but try with 4.6 we changed it recently and it might not be compatible anymore with something older

If you find and delete all config files (located in ~/.config/QtProject) And all old versions and use 4.5, it should work. 4.6 may work but we stick with 4.5.
Also make sure to delete any intermediate and project files in your project. We just dealt with this in class yesterday and found it to work.

for .config you mean in ~/.config ?

Sorry – removing, ~/.config/QtProject to be specific.