current git: can't use images on windows+codeblocks

Hey all,

I"m trying to convert some projects to Windows, along the way testing the new 007 features in git.

Ran into a pretty big error, big enough that I think i may be doing something wrong.

from a clean pull, i ran the deploy examples script, and then run imageLoader example and it crashes immediately.

The call to draw on an image crashes at glActiveTexture(GL_TEXTURE_0) in ofTexture.cpp

doing cout << glActiveTexture << endl; prints 0, so the function pointer is indeed NULL.

any ideas?

weird, it’s working for me without problem in windows cb. are you using the imageLoaderExample without modifications?

seems like it could be some weirdness with glew but don’t know exactly what can be going on

Same thing happens with ofEnableAlphaBlending().

brand new example. OS X it works find, and the cout << glActiveTexture << endl; returns 1 instead of 0…

I am using VMWare fusion… could that be it?

yes, sure, you should have an option to activate 3d acceleration in the vm. if not i’m using virtual box, and it works for most of the examples

hmmm 3d acceleration is enabled – i’ll try the new version of VM + virtual box.

really strange =/

Yup that did it! upgraded from VMWare fusion 2 to 3 and it works great.

sorry for the false alarm