CUDA support setup in ofxCcv

I’m facing a few issues running the ofxCcv examples, some of them don’t work properly (classify and encode examples for sure). My guess is that the problem is related to the CUDA support setup I wasn’t able to complete and here’s the information provided by Kyle Mcdonald. Can someone help me succeed in this task?

After installing CUDA and recompiling ccv with CUDA support, replace ccv.a in the libs folder with your new static library. Then make a copy of the following CUDA libraries adjacent to ccv.a: libcublas_static.a, libcudart_static.a, libculibos.a. Rename them all to remove the lib prefix. Include them in the linking step. Finally, add GSL to the linker step, too. On OSX after installing GSL with Homebrew, this means adding -L/usr/local/Cellar/gsl/1.16/lib and -lgsl. After all of this, classification of a single 640x480 image should drop from 750ms to 400ms.