Cubit multitouch OF showing NYC Dec 15/16

I just wanted to let you all know about an upcoming OF project which will be showing soon in New York.

The show is open to the public and free, Dec-15/16-at-ITP located at 721 Broadway.

CUBIT is also going to be at Eyebeam in Chelsea before and after if you can’t make the opening, please stop by for open studio on Tuesdays.

We’d love to see you the show or Eyebeam!


d’oh, you beat me to the “finger is a vector” line

cool, can’t wait to see

  • zach

isn’t that really your phrase circa 1990 something?

no that line is completely golan-levin’s through and through… circa monday :slight_smile:

good luck with everything with Cubit, look forward to seeing it in action !

take care,

Hi addie,

I’m doing a similar research on this aspect. Hope we can exchange experience at some day. Looking forward to see your exhibition. :smiley:

(Also, say hi to Zach, thx for your great effort in OpenFramework, it is really a very convenient tool for artist)