Cubic bezier to biarc



I need to do something like this article explains: - convert a cubic bezier to biarcs.

I could implement it myself, but it seems like something many people must have done before me. I couldn’t really find anything in the API or in an addon.

So I’ ll just try an ask here, if anything exists to do this, before I might start working on it myself.

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OK, since there were no comments on this, I ended up converting the source code from the original blog post into an addon.

Since I am quite new to both C++ and openframeworks I would appreciate any comments.

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Oh, it currently relies on this fix:


Maybe you can help me. I have implemented the above solution, but it fails when the tangents are vertical (I have not tested with parallel but sloped tangents yet).

I use this idea:

But I just can’t figure out how to handle vertically parallel tangents.

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