Cross Platform use of OF


I am designing a cross platform micro blogging site between web browsers, mobile and interactive installation.

Is it possible to have the front end behavioral side of my design to run off of OF for all the platforms stated?

The main reason why thought OF would be best since I wanted an interactive installation to be updated in real time with entries made into the micro blog.

Plus I wanted something to run faster and more powerful than AS3 but I am not very familiar how to use OF to run simultaneously between all these platforms.

Greg Oppman

hi Greg,

You can make the website Flash/Html5 based, use a database to store all your data, and use oF (in the installation) to access the data.

Since oF is c++, I don’t think you can show that in a web browser. You might want to consider Processing if you really want the same app in a browser. Processing is able to run in a web browser, but I don’t know if that’s the case on mobile browsers.