Cross-platform development from Linux -> Windows

I develop on a Linux environment. No code-blocks, I compile via the command line.

I want to compile my application to an EXE so I can run it on a windows environment. Can someone point me to the resources to do this? I am at a complete loss. Thank you!

This is no Linux native way, but what about using a VM running Windows to compile your project their?

I’m actually on Windows using a VM running linux. I just like using a linux environment more.
I’m pretty new to OF, how can I compile this on windows? Do I need to download Visual Studio or some junk? I’m trying to do this with as little overhead as possible…

You’re right, Visual Studio is not a very lightweight IDE, but in my opinion it is the most straight forward way getting your project run on Windows (although the installation of VS requires you to take a coffee break :wink: ).

  • Install VS (you can at least only install the base the C++ components)
  • download the oF Windows version
  • use the Project Generator to create your project
  • Compile in VS and done

Ok, thanks for the reply. That seems like it might be the best way. I was hoping for some method to cross-compile or to convert from ELF to EXE but that magic is too advanced for me

You can set up qtCreator both on Linux and Windows. This would mean your projects would be identical. However I just generally use qtCreator/makefiles on Linux and Visual Studio on Windows…the code will be generally the same.

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You don’t even have to install qtCreator on Windows if you have one on Linux and prefer to code in Linux, then you can make build on Windows as I do…
All you need is msys2 installed and make builds from the mingw32 console, just as described in the OF setup page for Windows using mingw…

Here, when you install the dependencies on your Windows system, compileOF and then if you can buid any OF example project, you can build your OF projects as well…

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