Cross Platform Development / Compilation

Can someone point me to the latest information on development on OF projects cross platforms? Specifically, I switch between Mac (work) and Windows (Home), and want to be able to quickly be able to sync to my git account, and then compile.

All of the docs are based around XCode / visual studio. Is there a makefile for windows and mac? (either combined or separate)?

I would prefer to just use a text editor like sublime, and compile from the command line on mac and windows. I have seen posts on makefiles, but they are all a couple of years old, and appear out of date.

Any help / links to up to date info would be appreciated.



On option is to have QT setup on both environments; they work very similar in terms of core ofx, but your mileage may vary with 3rd party addons. In windows you can use the makefiles with MINGW64; i imagine that is possible to in osx but haven’t tried in a while.

the makefile system works fine on osx.
For windows, check out the instructions at

I use both qt creator and vim with makefiles on osx and linux and I never had big problems.


Are you first generator xcode projects, or just compiling the source files?


I usually copy addons.make, Makefile and the config file from other projects, edit them manually and compile the project without generating project files. The only time I use xcode is for testing and debugging.