Cross Platform developing using the same IDE


OFC is a great frameworks and it’s very useful to combine with all the others “friends” (OpenCV, OpenNI, OpenGL …) But developers that works at cross-platform projects and combine all these libraries together, may prefers using always the same IDE, like Net Beans (my case), Eclipse or Code::Blocks.

Of course it takes time to make OFC releases for all these IDE, but what about give just a simple example or some lines guides about Net Beans and Eclipse?

I’m trying with Net Beans, starting from OSX, but it’s complicate…



C::B is well documented and, on the forum, you’ll also find discussions about Eclipse.
My 2 cents as a coder that constantly switches between platforms: I normally use C::B on Linux and win and I admit that using the same IDE is a time saver; on the hand, on OSX, Xcode has its advantages (cocoa, iOs, plenty of available projects, etc), so I use it as my default IDE for Mac development. When you get used to the OF addon structure porting between IDEs does not take a lot of time :slight_smile:

i’m on eclipse… eclipse CDT is note the perfect c++ IDE (instead it is THE perfect IDE for java/processing, imho). but it is quite good and completly cross platform.

set up OF on eclipse is not so complicated, you have to include addons and openframeworks dir as projects, make a new Makefile project, and other few steps and you’re done. there is a post in the forum about this. if you need help just ask.

for some other lang (python and js) i’ve recently found Sublime Text, that is really a supercool editor (and easy scriptable!). for c++ i’ve seen a ctags plugin that let you do code navigation and code completition, and i’ve seen a LLVM plugin for sublime editor (llvm is the c++ compiler machine that lie beyond xcode)… but i wasn’t able to make them run correctly yet : )

Thanks very much guys for your answers, it’s a very interesting discussion.

I’ve been coding for a long on XCode, but since I now develop cross-platform (win/OSX/linux) real-time graphic/audio applications, I (hopefully) don’t use anymore stuff like Cocoa and Obj-c.

I believe that the most productive environment is simply that one that you know better…

so I’m trying (it’s a long travel!) to work with one IDE (Eclipse/Netbeans/C::B) and one Framework (OF that manage all the Open…)

The most complicate task for recompiling OF on Net Beans is resolving the includes and the libraries links, because there’s a lot of stuff that change across the platforms. Otherwise it should not so hard, maybe I need just a map!

About C::B, it looks a bit unstable on OSX (but I tried just one time, three months ago)

It works!!!

OpenFrameworks 007 compiled (32 bit) on OSX 10.6.8 with Netbean 7.1!!

I’ll post my procedure in the following days