Cross Compile: Visual Studio -> Visualgdb -> Raspberry

Background: Unitl now I mainly used pure-data for audio projects and ran it on the raspberry pi, where it performed quite well. Now I would like to do visual things as well and tried processing. But its performance was not good, since it uses the java virtual machine. Almost impossible on the raspberry pi zero. So the next step is trying open frameworks.

However compiling for the raspberry pi seems to be a hard step. I read a lot on various cross compiler solutions and found out that using Visualgdb should be the easiest way. Now there’s a problem:

#A: start project with visualgdb
If I use the visualgdb project wizzard, I can cross compile an example file. But then I have no idea on how to include open frameworks.
#include "ofMain.h" raises the info-bar an lets me pic a folder destination. If I choose the OF main folder it finds most of the files, but no all. I think this is the wrong way … what if multiple files are named the same? How are “collections of libraries” (which open frameworks is) are properly imported?

#B start project with open frameworks
I use an OF example or the OF project wizard and can compile for windows. Under “project>add visual GDB configuration” I can setup the cross compiler and select include/library paths to open frameworks, but when I compile it I get an error: "Debugging failed (…) The deployment path should include the file name.” which is already mentioned here.

Does it have to be that hard? Coming from processing the amount of tools and steps needed is quite frightening for a beginner. So in the end all time is gone into setting up all the tools and not much is left for the “art”.

Alternatives are:

  • Program and debug on windows and compile the final application directly on raspberry (GPIO Libraries and so on won’t work …).
  • ???