this was my final project for the Digital Arts and New Media course i took at Restart school in Lisbon.

its an interactive installation where the user can make illustrated animated creatures using its hands/body. before getting into codding i did a lot of illustration and for a long time i’ve wanted to join both areas. so this is a sort of dynamically generated realtime illustration/animation. and it is also a lot of fun to play with :slight_smile:

p.s. this was my very first project in OF, it was started some months ago, and was actually to do this that i got into OF and c++ :slight_smile:


*edit* changed the source link to my google code

aaw - they are super cute! nice work!

thanks glad you like it.

…and the vector math stuff was really helpful :slight_smile:


thought i’d bump this thread to show a video if this installation at an exhibition in Almada (the city im from) that went from June 23rd to July 12th 2009

you can see a video and read more about it here:



hi rui,
the source looks to be down, any chance i can still download it from somewhere.
its a very similar concept to what im about to undertake…


Hi Julapy

yea sure, i just put this newer version on my google code, you can check it here:

i also included a couple mini addons that i made, one of them is a contour tracker which is supposed to keep a persistent id over time, but it doesn’t work very well…

anyway… hope its useful :slight_smile:


thx very much rui!
look forward to playing around with the code…