crhoma using Difference keyer


I want to create crhoma effect, without color background or hight light background…

I was thinking subtract two color images (background and Image with human and same background), and then use mask result as alpha channel (0/255). Anyway…I want to remove an image from one context to add it to another.

Using cvAbsDiff:
_ The function cvAbsDiff calculates absolute difference between two arrays.
dst(I)c = abs(src1(I)c - src2(I)c).
All the arrays must have the same data type and the same size (or ROI size)._

Is the right method? I was trying it, and I’ve got size error when in subtract of two ofCvColorImage images… :?

I’ve upload ofCvColorImage class with -> void absDiff( ofCvColorImage& mom ); download here

Source code (appears commented error in command output and for these reason I’m using cvAbsDiff with grey images for masking in channel alpha:

(moved to extend, since this is about opencv – zach)