Creative Technologist @ IDEO Palo Alto

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IDEO Palo Alto is in search of a Software Designer who will leverage an understanding of software to design and deliver innovative solutions that address core user needs. A software designer will:

  • Participate in the full design process, from talking with users to identifying potential opportunities, to delivering a great software product.

  • Solve problems in a broad set of domains, ranging from health, consumer technology, and mobility.

  • Explore and develop concepts with emerging technologies, such as new user interaction technologies, computer vision, or machine learning.

What gets us excited

We are particularly interested in candidates that have demonstrated skills in one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Physical/Digital. You’re a Creative Technologist who works with software and hardware to create connected installations, experiences, and augmented objects. Your skills may include electrical engineering, micro-controllers, sensors, creative coding, or robotics.

  • Emergent Interactions. You’re a pioneering Software-meets-Interaction Designer who works with emergent edge technology to explore new interactions at the frontier of what’s possible. You’ve dabbled, but have focus in a specialization ranging from computer vision, to chatbots, to augmented/mixed reality, to blockchain.

  • Computational Design. You’re a Generative Technologist. A pattern recognizer. A problem classifier. You works with algorithms or simulations to crack challenges that humans alone can’t compute. Your toolkit of tactics may include procedural design, machine learning, or neural networks.

An example of what you might work on:

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For more details and application, go on our website.

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