Creative Technologist @ Future Colossal in NYC

About Us:
We are Future Colossal,, an experiential innovation lab based in NYC. We
explore and create new technologies, hack game engines, love computer vision, physically compute,
develop AI, and constantly innovate. On any given day we may be working on VR, AR, Mixed Reality,
immersive installations, or creating a new experience that doesn’t fit any conventional norms. We
work with clients crossing many different industries and display our installations throughout the world.
We are fast paced, constantly solving new challenges, and are always looking towards the future.

Creative Technologist Position:
We are looking for talented, self-driven, curious low-level developers and creative technologists for an
entry level position. Reach out if you identify with the below:

You are:
• Passionate about exploring new technologies, staying on the forefront of what’s next
• Hard working, self-directed, and highly motivated
• Excited about working with many different programing languages
• Known to read academic papers on computer vision for fun
• Often found playing video games for “research”
• Currently developing something just for the enjoyment of it
• Thrive working alone or in a collaborative environment
• Comfortable wearing many hats, we’re a startup and everybody pitches in
• Knowledgeable and opinionated, willing to share with the team
• Open to other perspectives and ideas, willing to learn
• Able to give and take criticism
• Organized, attentive to detail
• Able to work in an agile or highly structured environment
• Looking to get in on the ground floor of a growing company with a seriously cool, talented team
of dedicated individuals

You have:
• Experience working with innovative technologies
• Shown a strong focus and expertise in one or more of the following areas: Computer Vision,
game engines, depth based gesture control, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, point clouds,
generative graphics, and/or programmatic real-time video compositing.
• Excelled with the following languages or game engines: C++, C#, Unity 3D, Unreal
• A passion for intelligent architecture and developing object oriented code
• Comfort with web tech and basic server side architecture

Extra Bonus Points:
• A deep understanding of computer vision and depth sensing
• Significant experience working with VR and/or AR
• Experience with low level development: multi-threading, shaders, CUDA, OpenCL
• Experience with robotics and physical computing
• Experience working with the PCL library
• Enjoy rock climbing (we have a climbing wall in the office)

We provide a fun work environment with flexible office hours, access to the latest tech toys as they
come out (Hololens, Oculus, LIDAR, Robots), a consistent flow of exciting high-profile projects, and an
opportunity for quick growth within the organization.

We’re open to both Full-time and Contract engagements, please indicate your preference as well as
salary requirements in your cover letter.

Submit cover letter and resume to

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