Creative developer for projection mapping interactive installation (Stockholm)

We here at Oakwood, a Swedish creative digital agency, are looking for a freelance developer to help us produce a large-scale interactive installation in a highly active and visible public space in Stockholm. While we cannot disclose much information about the project, we can assure it will be very fun, interesting and non-commercial (think something along the lines of “interactive artistic data visualization”).

We are looking for someone who is going to work hand in hand with another creative developer to help us solve the many technical challenges the installation will demand.

You are very fluent with OpenFrameworks and not scared of dealing with subjects like computer vision, tracking people with the Kinect or working with lot’s of networked hardware. (If OpenFrameworks is not your thing, but you think you can manage these challanges with other toolkits like Cinder or just plain C++, OpenCV & OpenGL, we are confident you will be experienced enough for the job and would love to hear from you anyway)

Here’s a list of the topics we will need to deal with; we don’t expect you to cover all of them, but it would be great if most of them at least ring a bell. Bare in mind we are looking for someone creative that will help us overcome these challenges together.

-Projection mapping on irregular surfaces from non optimal angles (this will be biggest challenge)
-Tracking crowds & individuals (Kinect is an obvious option)
-Programmatic particle animation (if you know steering behaviors, you have a gold star)
-Spanning a “program” across several networked computers

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible,


It will probably improve your returns if you additionally include information on a) if you look for local/international, and travelling/teleworking people, and b) something about what compensation can be expected. :slight_smile:

lycka till!

HI paulo, it sounds really interesting and happens that I was working on something very similar to what you mention but I had to leave it apart because of budget issues.
I live and work in Chile.
Does teleworking + some traveling work for you?
Best regards!